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London South East Academies Trust Curriculum Statement

Bramley Oak Academy, as part of London South East Academies Trust (LSEAT), fully adheres to the aims and values of LSEAT.

Bramley Oak Academy's core purpose is to ensure all pupils are able to achieve and succeed in life. Our curriculum is therefore designed to allow our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens; regardless of their starting points.

Through our holistic curriculum approach, the academic, emotional, physical and social development of all pupils are seen as equal parts. We believe achievement and success is created by a rich and dynamic curriculum that creates curiosity, engagement, enjoyment and participation.

Our curriculum includes a comprehensive core offer in literacy and numeracy which enables our pupils to then access other curriculum areas. Also central to our curriculum is a wide range of opportunities to develop Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural awareness to help with the preparation for next phase of life and ultimately adult life and the world of work.

Other fundamental aspects of our curriculum are the therapeutic and pastoral characteristics which are key to enabling access to academic learning by pupils recognising that their own and others wellbeing are essential to success.

Bramley Oak Academy 

All pupils arrive at Bramley Oak Academy with an Education, Health and Care Plan. Pupils have often missed education before joining us and have comparatively low levels of prior attainment as well as low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. The vision of every member of staff at BOA is to prepare every pupil for WORLD (working together, optimism, responsibility, learning and decision making) so that they develop the knowledge, skills, emotional and social maturity to make thoughtful decisions and become effective citizens.

Our subject areas are coherently and cumulatively planned and sequenced to equip pupils with the knowledge and key, transferable skills which allow them to flourish in life beyond Bramley Oak and into the next phase of education.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values with a child-centred approach to every aspect of a pupil's life including therapeutic provision and SEMH needs.  Our curriculum is built upon our pupils' past, current and shared learning experiences, and interests and reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains purposeful and appropriately challenging for all.

Our aim is to provide contextual and meaningful, immersive learning experiences for all pupils; delivering quality first teaching and learning bases pedagogy.  We organise our curriculum through identifying and arranging links in learning to provide opportunities for pupils to consolidate learning and across the curriculum. Each area of the curriculum is adapted to meet the needs and interests of the pupils.

When planning the curriculum, we utilise the schools' grounds well, including our extensive nature area to provide a rich environment for enquiry-based outdoor learning. The experiences children are provided with reflect the local and wider community we live in, however, we are mindful that the local community to our school may not be reflective of the local community to where our pupils live, as many travel into school from some distance. Because of this, we extend our local community far beyond just our local amenities to provide experiences and build empathy for and understanding of others, for example, we take pupils to Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary, High Ashurst (Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development) etc. We are reviewing our trips annually and we intend to add a trip to London for the first time this year to celebrate Science week in March.

Community and beyond experiences ensure that pupils develop a rich and contextualised understanding of the key learning and how to be an effective member of a community that contributes to society. These experiences also provide opportunities for the structured and contextualised development of social skills and collaboration, which are vital for the development of pupils at Bramley Oak. Through this teaching, pupils reinforce the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance, and individual liberty.

We improve the pupils' life chances and provide the necessary guidance and support to allow them to follow appropriate pathways into further education or employment. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children leave Bramley Oak as confident, independent, and thoughtful learners who communicate effectively, demonstrate self-regulation, resilience, and empathy for others.

Bramley Oak Academy's Curriculum Intent Document can be found here

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