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At Bramley Oak we know that physical activity has a positive impact on children’s mental well-being as well as their physical health and this has a positive impact on their academic achievements. Pupils who are happy and healthy will find learning easier, be able to concentrate better, have more energy, and because of this, PE and extra-curricular sports clubs is held in high regard at Bramley Oak Academy.

Our PE curriculum is thoughtfully planned and delivered to ensure that every pupil develops the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to succeed and enjoy taking part. Through our PE lessons, pupils will learn how physical activity can help them to stay healthy and they also learn what healthy means.  We aim for our pupils to develop the lifelong skills and enjoyment of physical activity, sport, and games so that they can live a healthy and active life, both now and in the future.  


Pupils are taught once a week in class groups, the key skills needed and given plenty of opportunities to practice and enjoy taking part in a wide range of sports throughout the year, including football, basketball, swimming, tennis, athletics, gymnastics and cricket.

Our PE curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to explore the fundamental skills of movement, balance, coordination and agility.  Lessons are carefully adapted to provide the right level of challenge for all pupils and enable all pupils to fully participate, make good progress whilst enjoying developing new skills.  We use Complete PE as a foundation for our planning. This is then thoughtfully adapted and personalised for each class.  This programme supports our pupils as they are able to access and watch tutorial mini clips of children demonstrating skills before the key learning message is adapted and modelled by staff, supporting pupils in their confidence to have a go and try new things. 

We endeavour to reinforce our core values of WORLD through our teaching of PE as pupils are encouraged and supported to Work together and be Optimistic as they develop their resilience and self-regulation, particularly when learning to deal with competition in a healthy way.  We support our pupils to be creative, work collaboratively and be competitive in order that they take measured risks and challenge themselves to achieve their goals.  In this way, we equally celebrate individual success and teamwork, endeavour, and achievement. 

Pupils are provided with competitive opportunities throughout the year in PE lessons and our end of year Sports Day, which is supported by parents.  Throughout the year we take part in a range of activities to enhance our PE curriculum, including climbing at Craggy Island, swimming, football and basketball clubs. This enhances strength and co-ordination enabling pupils to implement new skills whilst taking measured risk taking. 


Pupils are able to develop skills and confidence in new sports whilst taking great pleasure in being physically active. PE helps our pupils develop an understanding of how to take part and be in a team, such that they can evaluate when they make a decision how it can best support the team. Our aim is for all children to leave Bramley Oak Academy with a genuine love of physical activity, and the knowledge that keeping their bodies and minds fit and healthy can have a big impact upon sense of self.