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Computing at Bramley Oak Academy intends to develop inquisitive thinkers and problem solvers through the Purple Mash Curriculum. As pupils progress through the curriculum we support their development in understanding the advantages and disadvantages associated with online experiences, we want children to develop as respectful, responsible and confident users of technology, aware of measures that can be taken to keep themselves and others safe online.


Our scheme of work for Computing is adapted from the ‘Purple Mash’ Curriculum and is broken into 3 strands: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. This allows pupils to explore coding, online safety, information technology including spreadsheets, word processing, modelling, animation, presenting, databases and graphing.

Computing is taught through the use of our iPads once a week and lessons are adapted, through formative assessment in the classroom, to ensure that all starting points enable pupils to access the curriculum. A key part of implementing our computing curriculum is to ensure that our pupils are safe online. As such we support this trough PSHE and assemblies.


Pupils at Bramley Oak Academy are able to use technology safely. They are able to explore and creatively develop their own ideas using a range of technologies and software and find solutions to digital problems. But most importantly pupils are able to see how technology and their safe use has a place in the digital world.